Welcome To LawAllianz

Law Allianz is a law firm with speciality in emerging areas i.e. gaming, sports, creative industries, media, technology, intellectual property) driven by knowledgeable, dynamic and hardworking men positioning it to meet the challenges of globalization by offering world-class legal services.

The individual and collective experiences of our lawyers and consultants have been brought to bear in the quality of our service delivery. Our desire for excellence has distinguished us from other firms through interactive and proactive methods of dealing with our clients. We forge close ties, anticipate client needs, keep watch on industry trends while responding with personalized solutions – our client is our most valuable resource.

We are at the cutting edge of traditional and emerging disciplines of law, offering diverse services to high net worth individuals, blue chip companies and venerable non-profit organizations. The location of our offices in Lagos (the commercial centre) and Abuja (the administrative capital) of Nigeria – has enabled us cultivate close ties with relevant government institutions, key government officials and corporate organisations. These relationships have been deployed severally to meet the needs of our clients.

Meet Our
Expert Teams

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  • Yahaya Maikori

    Founding Partner

    Yahaya Maikori is a Senior Partner at Law Allianz with lots of experience in the Gaming, Sports and Creative Industries.

  • Ema Clark

    Finance Lawyer

    Ema spent a fulfilling ten-year career in the banking industry, during which period she acquired and developed expertise in banking law and commercial law

  • Louis Edenhenmi


    A general practitioner that specializes in Litigation (Civil & Criminal), Arbitration, Mediation and Insolvency and Debt Recovery.

  • Ayo Ayeni


    He is a World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)/KIPA IP Global Academy Certified IP practitioner in the UK and Nigeria

  • Nnedi Mgbemena

    Senior Associate

    A graduate of Robert Gordon University that have extensive career with Corporate and Individual entities in diverse industries.

  • Osayamen Louisa Ojo


    She regularly consults for members of the creative arts on their rights, contractual needs and potential areas of expansion in the Entertainment Industry.

Why Choose Us

  • Business Oriented

    At Law Allianz you will find dynamic people who are accomplished team players. They listen, understand your business and will talk with you, not at you.

    Our lawyers are pragmatic, finding straightforward solutions to complicated issues; they are proactive and insightful, opening up business opportunities where none existed.

  • It's All About You

    We believe that the only way to give our clients sound advice is to get to know their business in and out.

    At Law Allianz you will find a distinct business sector approach. We are dedicated to our clients’ success – since their success is ours.

  • Whoever You Are

    Our clients range from large companies to small business concerns.

    As a commercial law firm, we specialize in the core areas of law that is geared towards meeting the unique needs of our clients.

    We design unique solutions for unique needs. Each client is accorded the priority it deserves by assigning a partner with requisite knowledge and industry experience to personally oversee its business needs.

  • Pro bono

    In addition to providing quality legal services to our clients, we consider Pro Bono activities an important professional responsibility. Law Allianz defines Pro Bono activities as legal services provided to the poor, or to organizations who provide services to the poor.

    For many years we have undertaken a wide variety of pro bono work to help those who need legal advice and assistance but cannot afford a solicitor and are not eligible for legal aid.

    We have provided services to charitable, religious, civic, governmental, educational and similar organizations that provide services to the poor.

  • HIV / AIDS

    Recently, the “Law Allianz Clinic” has been set up specifically to cater for victims of HIV/AIDS.

    Our advisory services include:

    • HIV and Confidentiality
    • HIV and Discrimination
    • HIV and Insurance
    • HIV and Public Benefits
    • HIV and Undocumented Immigrants
    • HIV in the Workplace
    • HIV: Issues for Families with Children
    • HIV: Issues for Youth and Young Adults
    • HIV: Returning to Work
    • HIV: Wills and Powers of Attorney

    These are all designed help victims understand their LEGAL RIGHTS in Nigeria.

  • Entertainment Counselling

    We provide free legal counselling for budding entertainment practitioners in and around Nigeria.

    Our counselling Services include:

    • The artist and Intellectual Property
    • The artist and Contract negotiations
    • Publishing
    • Licensing
    • Distribution
  • Business Terms

    These business terms shall apply to any assignment undertaken by our firm, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

    Conflicts of interest or loyalty

    In accordance with the rules of the Nigerian Bar Association, we will ensure that no conflict of interest or loyalty exists before finally undertaking an assignment. If any legal impartiality or conflict of interest should arise during the prosecution of the case it may result in us renouncing the matterwe will of course recommend another attorney.

    Identity information and money laundering

    Law Allianz is subject to the rules of Nigeria governing Money Laundering. Accordingly, we are under an obligation to obtain and keep identity information on any client.

    Fees and payment

    Legal fees are based on various parameters. Fees will be based on the time spent on the assignment, the specialist knowledge and expertise of the attorneys involved, the complexity of the assignment and its possible importance to the client, the values involved, the outcome of the assignment, and the liability in connection with resolving the matter. Our estimated fee is exclusive of relevant costs and disbursements.

    It may be difficult to estimate the total fee when undertaking the assignment. However, upon request we will provide the client with a reasoned estimate regarding the anticipated costs and disbursements; likewise, we will inform the client as soon as possible if the total fee is likely to exceed the estimate.


    Usually, invoicing will take place when the assignment has been completed. Advice on a continuous basis and long-term assignments (on account) will be invoiced at regular intervals, often monthly or quarterly, unless otherwise agreed upon. Terms of payment are 14 days from the date of invoice. VAT will be added in accordance with the rules in force if you are a local company.


    As a rule, we ask for prepayment of costs and disbursements and in some cases we ask for prepayment of the fee.

    Prepaid fees, costs and disbursements will be deposited on our clients’ account and will be used in settlement of future invoices, disbursements and costs, unless otherwise agreed upon.


    Disbursements and relevant costs in connection with the assistance provided are charged separately to the client.


    All employees with law Allianz are subject to professional secrecy. Any information from or regarding clients, which we receive in connection with an assignment, will be treated as confidential, unless it appears from the circumstances that the information is non-confidential.

    Use of our advice

    Our legal advice is targeted at the particular assignment and is therefore not to be used for any other purposes without our explicit prior acceptance. Unless otherwise agreed upon, Law Allianz is only liable to the client for the services provided as directed by the client we are not liable to 3rd parties use of the advice or if used in a different set of circumstances.

    Completion of the assignment

    Law Allianz will complete the assignment, unless the client requests that the assistance be terminated before completion. However, we reserve the right to discontinue our assistance immediately if the fixed period of credit of our invoices has been considerably exceeded, or if the client becomes insolvent. We also reserve the right to withdraw from a matter if, in specific cases, we find that we cannot be responsible for handling the matter, or if we find that it will be in the best interest of the client to terminate our cooperation.

    Liability, limitation of liability, and insurance cover

    We  have  taken out third-party liability insurance in accordance with the rules of the Nigerian Bar Association. The third-party liability insurance covers any legal practice irrespective of where it may be exercised.