Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies

New technologies and business models disrupt businesses and everyday life worldwide. Our lawyers will assist companies with identifying legal risks and understanding the legal boundaries their technologies and models must operate.

  1. We assist in “go-to-market” preparations and licensing issues, consultations with regulators, onboarding processes with credit institutions and preparations for compliance procedures.

In most cases, there are no easily recognizable regulations governing new technologies or innovative business models. Pre-existing regulations often hinder innovative business ideas to come to fruition or may create disproportionate and non-flexible obligations that may be completely irrelevant to a new innovative business model. This makes it necessary to learn how to navigate round the regulation or lobby for a change in the existing legislation.

However, the main task is to understand if there is legislation in place and, if so, how the legislation applies to the particular business model what to expect and perhaps if the current legislation favors some business models more than others.


  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) rules
  • Cryptocurrency – e-wallets, exchanges, and transactions
  • Blockchain technology applications
  • Initial coin offerings (ICOs)
  • Cryptocurrency gambling
  • Financial services regulation
  • Payment service and e-money institutions
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) debt and equity financing
  • Crowdfunding and -investing
  • Corporate contributions to share capital in cryptocurrency
  • Tax and VAT advise in the cryptocurrency or token sale domain
  • Capital markets regulation
  • Data protection
  • Intellectual property


Cases Solved

Lawyers Specialized in this area

  • Yahaya Maikori

    Founding Partner

    Yahaya Maikori is a Senior Partner at Law Allianz with lots of experience in the Gaming, Sports and Creative Industries.

  • Ayo Ayeni


    He is a World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)/KIPA IP Global Academy Certified IP practitioner in the UK and Nigeria.

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