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Nigerian Film industry, reputed to be the 2rd biggest movie industry in the world has witnessed phenomenal growth in recent times. DSTV – Africa’s premium cable network has Africa Magic 1, 2, 3, all dedicated to indigenous Nigeria films & drama.



From home videos we are now witnessing an elite crop of filmmakers deploying more resources and showcasing their movies in cinemas across Africa and the rest of the world.
These developments have spurned the need for well-informed and specialized legal services to handle complicated matters, which cut across financing, intellectual property, distribution & production etc.

We represent broadcasters, studios, independent producers, financiers, distributors and individual talents across the film and TV industry, from the inception of a project through its development/production, to its ultimate distribution.

Services Include

  • Development:
    option/purchase of screenplays, literary material and life story rights, commissioning writers, securing development financing;
  • Financing:
    co-production arrangements, equity investments, bank gap-financing, discounting and security;
  • Production: 
    producer, director, cast and crew arrangements; visual and special effects; production and post-production facilities; location arrangements and music licenses’; sale and leaseback re-financing; completion bond arrangements;
  • Distribution:
    distribution/sales agency terms; film and programme sales and acquisition; format right sales and acquisition;
  • Talent:
    actor, director, writer, producer and individual talent deals; term deals; first look arrangements.

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