We are at the cutting edge of traditional and emerging disciplines of law, offering diverse services to high net worth individuals, blue chip companies and venerable non-profits organizations.

Government Liaison and Lobbying

There is virtually no area of life or business which does not involve Federal, State or local Government – as businesses develop and start interacting directly with government we assist them by providing effective legal and government relationship services by virtue of our strategic location and partnership with relevant authorities.

Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of government’s inner workings. Such insight can be attributed to our network of personal and professional relationships within government that address a wide variety of legislative, administrative, procedural and political issues. Clients benefit from our experience, knowing they have a respected legal resource for strategic planning and counselling in governmental affairs, lobbying, regulatory and administrative law.

Services Include

  • We create and implement strategies for clients seeking government contracts or other federal appropriations, public procurement including supply of service, construction contracts, research and development grants or other allocations of federal funds.
  • We monitor legislative and regulatory activities that will significantly affect a client’s company or industry in order to:
  • Identify threats and opportunities in their early stages
  • analyse the impact of pending or enacted laws and regulations
  • Prepare a response, if necessary.
  • We prepare legislative, political strategies and special legislation to address a client’s concerns, including drafting proposed legislation, advocating amendments to current laws, preparing hearing, testimony, written materials and organizing other related advocacy events and efforts.
  • We represent clients before federal, state and local agencies, preparing the required regulatory filings and developing an overall case strategy.
  • We provide strategic assistance to clients involved in federal government investigations.

Regulatory compliance,
Corporate and Secretarial Services

It’s critical that businesses are able to navigate the increasing complex legal and regulatory frameworks that has been put in place by regulators in their respective sectors. In most cases, such regulatory frameworks overlap and have cross-cutting business implications which portend operational, financial, civil or criminal risks to businesses for failure to comply. We advise clients on all aspects of compliance as we understand our clients’ niche markets and this feeds into the advice we give.

Our firm also acts for several organisations as company secretary; we provide corporate services which include company formation and incorporation; Obtaining requisite sector-specific licenses and permits; Guidance on the formation of trusts, foundations and partnerships.

Our Post-Incorporation Services

  • Attending and advising at Meetings of the Board of Directors, Board Committees and General Meetings and Record-Keeping thereat;
  • Maintaining the corporate seal, statutory books and registers of the Company;
  • Rendering proper returns and filing changes at the appropriate registries; o Ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements and corporate governance; o Corporate Governance Audit;
  • Receiving and responding to correspondence and notices;
  • Board Induction, Training and Evaluation services;
  • Drafting Company policies and Board & Committee charters;
  • Developing Corporate Governance structures for companies;
  • Legal Advisory Services (Non-Transactional);
  • Ensuring the security of companies’ legal documents;
  • Organizing Board strategy sessions and retreats; o Director Headhunting services;
  • Personalized Director Support Services; and o Bespoke Company Secretarial support.

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Registrations, Licensing
& Technology Transfer

These services include securing exemptions for software providers from Nigeria Information Technology Development Agency( NITDA), representing clients at hearings or tribunals for defending license applications or appealing against any refusals, making returns at the appropriate organizations for clients, Processing product registration with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) etc.

We advise on technology acquisition, technology transfer (Interface with the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion), draft patent (local and International i.e. PCT), search for technology end-users, negotiations in the commercialization of technology, registration and management of computer programs, software applications, Securing type approvals from the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) and securing exhibition licenses and film classifications at Nigeria Film and Video Censors Board ( NFVCB).

Business Migration / Direct investment

We also perfect all documents for businesses migrating or setting up in Nigeria, these services include setting up companies, registration, securing permits & licenses, securing pioneer status , expatriate quota, filings, securing concessions, incentives, waivers, advise on listing procedures, etc.

Mergers & Acquisitions / Joint Ventures / Strategic Alliances

Law Allianz advises from the smallest local asset acquisitions for cash to large business acquisitions involving highly creative financing; from small, privately negotiated sales to large-scale hostile takeovers.

We prepare letters of intent, share and asset acquisitions, tender and exchange of offers, going private transactions, auction sales, purchases of divisions, subsidiaries or entire companies, strategic alliances, partnerships and joint ventures, divestitures of non-strategic divisions and subsidiaries, recapitalization and restructuring.

Services Include

  • Advice on structuring transactions
  • due diligence
  • negotiation and drafting of preliminary documents, including confidentiality agreements, term sheets and letters of intent, no-shop and no-solicitation agreements, engagement contracts with investment bankers and related documents,
  • Executive employment, severance, stock option, restricted stock and related compensation arrangements, confidentiality, non-competition and consulting agreements.
  • Stockholder and voting agreements, voting trusts, close corporation agreements and related documentation.

Litigation, Mediation
and Dispute Resolution

The firm undertakes litigation, arbitration as well as alternative dispute resolution on behalf of its clients. The firm’s primary objective is to ensure that disputes arising from the business and commercial activities of clients are effectively resolved with minimum expenditure of time and resources by clients.

Our litigation practice supports our corporate law practice. Our lawyers have helped to extend and clarify the frontiers of commercial law and practice in Nigeria through litigation.